Full Sill Replacement & Door Bottom Repairs

Here we have the replacement of a complete outer sill on a Triumph Dolomite Sprint with bespoke in situ reconstruction of the sill diaphragm, inner sill, jacking points and outer wheel arches.
Correct alignment of the frame is maintained by the frequent taking of measurements, bracing the frame and repeated trial refitting of the doors.
Whilst removed from the car the door bottoms were repaired by grinding out corrosion, plating the holes or filling with weld before re-shaping, spot priming and re-finishing in colour.
silldoor1.jpg silldoor2.jpg silldoor3.jpg silldoor4.jpg silldoor5.jpg silldoor6.jpg silldoor7.jpg silldoor8.jpg silldoor9.jpg silldoor10.jpg silldoor11.jpg silldoor12.jpg silldoor13.jpg silldoor14.jpg silldoor15.jpg silldoor16.jpg silldoor17.jpg silldoor18.jpg silldoor19.jpg silldoor20.jpg silldoor21.jpg silldoor22.jpg silldoor23.jpg silldoor24.jpg silldoor25.jpg silldoor26.jpg silldoor27.jpg silldoor28.jpg silldoor29.jpg silldoor30.jpg silldoor31.jpg silldoor32.jpg silldoor33.jpg silldoor34.jpg silldoor35.jpg silldoor36.jpg silldoor37.jpg silldoor38.jpg

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